NaNoWriMo Again!

As everyone who has a blog says at some point: I haven’t been very good about blogging for a while. I had some life stuff going on, and so somehow I completely missed posting about my entire NaNoWriMo 2015 victory. It was a terrible novel that I might turn into a mediocre short story one day when I do editing. But never mind that, it’s time for 2016! I’m super-excited about my current project (as you might can tell from my word count; passing 15K on day 6 is a pretty fierce pace). It was going to be just one short-story in a themed collection, but instead I decided to expand it into a full novel all on its own. I believe that I’ll have ample space to explore several of the issues I wanted to explore in the original plan, but also get to really focus in on a few of the characters and bring them to life. It’s fully sci-fi, a genre I’m comfortable with as a reader but never really embraced as a writer until now. Even though the writing is difficult (don’t let anyone tell you writing a novel is easy), I am still passionate about the idea and think this may make an excellent second self-published novel. (I do intend to self-publish my first NaNovel next year, really, I mean it this time.) Anyway, now that I’ve broken the blogging ice once more, expect (after NaNo is over) to see more updates about Excellence and what that means for me these days.


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