50K Monday!

Week three has ended, and I am sitting on 40K after a very good Friday night! Yesterday, I announced that I would celebrate 50K Monday. No matter what. The truth is, I am absolutely sick of writing, and I have become willing to sacrifice all elements of plot and character to the idol of word count. When I hit 50K, then I can do something other than write every night, and that prospect is more motivational than any number of sayings about how “the world needs my novel”. That’s how I managed to write 3.5K last night in just 2.5 hours. I am thinking about all the knitting and spinning waiting for me, all those episodes of Doctor Who. I also might have signed up for *ahem* fifty Coursera classes. (Only nine are active right now.) I just recently heard about Coursera, but I already like it. The classes seem (at least to someone  just taking her first ones) very good on the whole. And no matter that one could pay for them to get all verified and certified and bona fide, they are absolutely free. I love learning new things, and I’ve taken some iTunes U courses, but those are very hit and miss as far as quality goes. The Coursera ones have been excellent. They do require you to keep up with their pace somewhat; very few courses are available on demand. Instead you have to sign up for an open session, and do the lectures and exercises while it is running. We’ll see how things go in the new year, when every course ever is scheduled to start. Anyway, I encourage you to check it out–after you’ve gotten in your 50K, of course!


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